refers to my various professional activities during the first decade following my retirement from the United Nations in late 2019. It covers my ongoing engagement with respect to Palestinian refugees and the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and my work and writings related to organizational ethics, anti-corruption, and sexual misconduct.

It also features my two more personal passions: photography and Argentinian tango.

Lex Takkenberg


A Dutch National, Lex Takkenberg has worked in various field and headquarters positions with UNRWA since 1989 ...

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Having written and edited several books and articles on legal and other aspects of the Palestinian refugee ...

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During my last decade with UNRWA, I have worked at the agency’s first Chief of its Ethics Office In this capacity I have been a member ...

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Photography & Tango

Love for photography and its use as an artistic outlet has been with me ever since. My semi-retirement allows me new opportunities to pursue this passion in multiple ways.
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I was introduced to, and started dancing Argentinian tango in Amman, Jordan, in 2010. I love the dance and the music and the etiquette governing the tango scene.
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