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Today is International Human Rights Day. The first half of December is a time for sober reflection with respect to the establishment of the global human rights regime as well as the creation of the international refugee regime, including the distinct status of Palestinian refugees as part thereof. 

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The new edition of Palestinian Refugees in International Law will be published in the UK on 9 June 2020. The book is available in hard cover, paperback and Ebook versions and can be ordered from the OUP website. Francesca and I are obviously very excited. We had our initial presentation of the book at Oxford University in early February and we look forward to many more opportunities to present the book later this year and, in view of the Corona pandemic, (early) next year. As long as current restrictions due to COVID-19 last, we will also be looking for opportunities to do a number of virtual presentations of the book, including through our respective Facebook pages. We will keep you posted. 

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Book can be ordered at Palestinian Refugees in International Law or via Amazon. Available in hardback, paperback and Ebook.

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Covid-19. Two months of lockdown at the French countryside south west of Toulouse, only an hour from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border. This unprecedented and surreal experience brings back memories of 1990 when in the summer, Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded Kuwait. 

Welcome to my new website. Project20s refers to my various activities during the first decade - the 2020s - following my retirement from the United Nations in late 2019. It covers my ongoing engagement with respect to Palestinian refugees and the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and my work and writings related to organizational ethics, anti-corruption, and sexual misconduct. It also features my two more personal passions: photography and Argentinian tango. 


Ménusé de Catalan is my sliver of paradise in the French countryside, south west of Toulouse, only an hour away from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border. The house is an oasis of peace and tranquility, somewhere to escape from the madness of the world, when it all becomes too much. 

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